Capitalism is best

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RE: Capitalism is best

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Communes work because the people participating in the communes actually want to live that life style. They want to love in a "Transcendental" styled community. However, most people in the World do not want to, and would thus not work with the system, leading to laziness, corruption and exploitation of their fellow workers.

And everybody thinks anarchy will be so great, until their family is murdered and theres no police to catch the murderer, no law to convict him and no real prisons to hold him. Beside, organized government has a lot of benefits (roads, public services, police, firemen, I would love to see private citizens organize NASA or any other major government agency, etc) just as long as the said government is limited in its duties (the more power, the more corruption.)

For the first account, i do agree with you. But, as i'm of the true communist persuasion, i believe that each community has a right to self-determination, and i would like to see the deepening of community relations. That by no means suggests i'm about to force anyone to take part. I value individualism. You may be part of a community or you may be separate. It is entirely your own choice.

On the second count, this is only true of a direct change to anarchy, in my belief. I think that during the transitional stage (socialism), powers and responsibilities should be gradually handed over to communities and services placed in the hands of elected worker's soviets. So, for example, truly criminal acts (not minor offences) can be dealt with by a community organised team. In my ideal, there would be no such thing as thievery as products would be free and available on direct demand. This vastly reduces wastefulness. So-called crime would be vastly reduced if not next to eradicated as communities are much closer, and there is more support from the community if you fall upon hard times, and there will be no poverty, as capitalism has been eradicated.

Unfortunately, it will be some time before the revolution. I look forward to it and hope i'll be alive to take part in it.

communes do not work,there is not one piece of evidence that can substantiate your statements,

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RE: Capitalism is best

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Communes do not work, there is not one piece of evidence that can substantiate your statements.

On the contrary, my dear comrade. I can provide, on demand, around three thousand, seven hundred and fifty individual pieces of evidence to the effect of my statements.
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