Post 26/11 what India should do

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Renu Thapliyal
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Post 26/11 what India should do

Post by Renu Thapliyal »

The 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai shook India as well as the world diplomats. Even US has started looking at Pakistan with different eyes. The question here to discuss is what are the measures the Indian Government should take to avoid any further such attacks or suicide bombings in the country.
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RE: Post 26/11 what India should do

Post by ford007 »

First India should get rid of the current government which is an utter failure on dealing with domestic as well as international terrorism.
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RE: Post 26/11 what India should do

Post by anjellara »

The first step to fight terrorism starts when the country has very good intelligence and vigilance network.The second is passing on the information to the police and other security men with good cooridnation between them.The third is the actual action taken in time. Thus, the country can be saved easily by planning and deciding well-equipped plans which bear fruit without even the terrorists or the citizens knowing how it all happened.

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