Reasons for the world ending in 2012

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Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by Excuse »

The world can end any day.. but what day.
Why was it determined to be on 2012?

Were ancient Mayan's/Aztecs using some mexican spiritual thing to see into the future?

Was 2012 just something predicted to be by the way the economy was, how we are at war...? Or was this predicted a long time ago.

But, I came up with SOME theories on how the world can end.

Be Prepared of what your about to read

1. Yellowstone's National Park?
More like Yellowstones d34th trap!!1 lolz!!11one!!!1

As many of you probably know that Yellowstone's super volcano is one of the most destructive forces of this planet.

Yellowstone if 74cm higher than in was in 1923. The volcano erupts every 600,000 years. The last eruption was more than 640,000 years ago - we are overdue for annihilation.

How this lead to the end of the world?
And Earth quake can break the layers of rock that holds the magma in.

Since Yellowstones super volcano is one of the biggest destructive forces of all of man kind..

It can erupt one day, killing almost anything within a certain amount of range.. im not sure what it is but its suppose to be 21 miles?

Anyways, then the rocks and magma sputing out of the volcano can cause it to rain chunks of rock and extremely hot magma, destroying anything that gets in its way

Also, creating a dust cloud, preventing the sun from reaching anywhere close to there, while it is massively spreading everyday more and more.

Predicted in 2 months, it can cover the earths surface. All plants/animals will be dead. Leading to maybe a new ice age. Humans are bound to eat eachother, leaving only 1 man left to live... Eventually he will die.

The earth will end with one of the most popular tourist attractions. to watch more :D

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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by DodgeFB »

In every one of my 58 years someone has been predicting the "end of the world".Image

I am not worried about when it ends. But if I will be ready "if" it does. I know it will end one day for all of us. All the same day, I doubt it. :biggrin:
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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by Dirk »

Well, the Egyptians figured it was gonna be 2979... i think that was it, anyhow.
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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by appleton »

I haven't got long left then have I? :tongue0011:

Will my tin foil hat help?
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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by code1 »

we must take this matter more seriously,the selected goverment bodies are prepared for this type of event,which will leave the law abiding tax paying, hard working,people out in the cold :fi_lone_ranger:

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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by pollcolingwood »

Perhaps the above post may be correct but still 10% of
which I believe tends to be wrong. These kind of natural
calamities occurs very often in our planet but everything
wont happen at the same time.

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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by D.Clondyke »

I personally do not get why people devote so much of their time to being scared of things that have no solid evidence behind them what so ever. It is exactly the same as the Y2K scare. For all we know, the Mayan/Aztec calendar could have ended on 2012, simply because they just ran out of granite to carve on... People should start paying attention to what happening in the real world more.

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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by hedi01 »

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RE: Reasons for the world ending in 2012

Post by signelect »

I also think is kinda like the y2k scare. but it is weird that not only the mayan/aztec calendar point to that but also the chinese calendar.

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