Wen visits snow-hit province

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Wen visits snow-hit province

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Everybody remembered clearly that in Jan 2008, the snowstorm hit South China, which made great loss including the property and life. The government took action immediately to lessen the loss. Nearly 2 years later, another snowstorm hit shijianzhuang, Hebei province again, which made millions of people suffering from the disaster. Again, the Chinese Primier wen-jiabao went to snow-ravaged city, by train Thursday afternoon, to view relief efforts, Xinhua report. Upon arrial, Wen visited passengers in the waiting room of the railways station. He also went to a border section between Hebei and Shanxi provinces to visit stranded passengers on the shijiazhuang-Taiyuan expressway and to inspect the disaster situation.
The Premier urged authorities to put people's livelihood as top priority when dealing with the snow and blizzards.
From his visit, we can definitely say that the government cares the people’s living.

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RE: Wen visits snow-hit province

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you seem amazed at this,lots of politicians world wide make it a point to be seen after a disaster,in some cases there are politicians that care but there are some that try to make an impression for voters :fi_lone_ranger:

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