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Something Bad Jesus Did

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:08 am
by calieigh
Hello Guys !

Once, I was asked if there was anything bad Jesus did in his life. I thought fora a while and the following came to my mind:

Yes, there was something Jesus did, which I wish he had not done, because it does not represent well the People he belonged to.

Once a Gentile Canaanite mother was crying after him, asking for her daughter to be cured, and Jesus would not give a damn to her. His disciples told him to do something for that woman or discard her, because she was making them go crazy with her non-stop crying.

What did Jesus say? I haven't come for Gentiles but ONLY for the House of Israel. Then, kept on going and the woman kept on crying and following him.

When he couldn't take any longer, he stopped and told her something like: Hey, listen woman, what do you want from me? To cure my daughter Master. No way! I cannot take of the food of the children and throw it unto the dogs.

He meant the Jews for the children, and the Gentiles for the dogs. But only after the woman understood and recognized her condition of dog, by saying that the dogs also feed from the crumbles that fall from the table of the children, Jesus saw that he would never get rid of that . So, he changed his mind and cured her daughter. Then, to erase a little the impression left on her for being forced to recognize her doggy condition, he mentioned something about her strong faith and left.

That was terrible, if we can imagine what that poor woman went through till she got what she wanted. The text is in Matthew 15:21-28.

RE: Something Bad Jesus Did

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:47 am
by jesalbond
The short answer is because it's true. The battle cry of your average cruesader being " for GOD and king'. They being christians one naturally assumes they are refering to their christian version of the Indescribable Force.Christianity says to judge something by it's fruits. Ok lets see christanity, genocide, torture, theft, rape, witch hunts, burning at the stakes. Need I go on. Christianity has caused more misery and admits it's about the church, not enlightenment.
I would not touch christanity with a rubber wrapped 10ft bardge pole

RE: Something Bad Jesus Did

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:30 pm
by signelect
so Jesus cured the child but he didn't do it your way so it is bad. Good luck with that argument.