Who can name some cults in China?

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Who can name some cults in China?

Post by smallfrog » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:05 am

I hear that there are many cults in the world, they bring to the world a lot tragedies and I got something about cult:
The so-called "cult" is the religious section which is expelled by the government, legitimate religions and the mainstream of civil society. Cult is mainly a political term which has different "evil cult" concept in different social, different age, different religions and different social systems. The cult in Chinese history and the contemporary have in common and there are also differences. The most important same point is that both above are expelled by the government and legitimate religion, the most important difference is that the old and the new government are in different social systems. Cult seriously harms people's lives, the theory of cult are demagogic, which ultimately led to their so-called "believers" families ruin. More seriously, it impacts the social stability and unity and even impacts the economic development.
Who can tell me or just name some cults in China? I hear there is an organization is believed to be a cult in China, but there are still some people practising it and it is good to the people’s health. If it is ture, it doesn’t belong to cult.

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