The starts tell your future

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The starts tell your future

Post by lamia » Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:02 am

Indian astrology is a long journey in to the subtle celestial energies that surround earth. The blending of these energies is looked upon mainly, while evaluating the horoscope under Indian astrology, as these energy sources can combine in an endless ways. Each human being is comprised of energy levels that bring the positive and negative aspects in our life. We have a balanced planetary and gravitational pull, exerted in various degrees, from various angles, in various quantities. These combinations describe the personality, mentality, physique, emotional and intellectual constitution of a person.

A main branch of astrology that’s practiced in India is sidereal zodiac. It uses the twelve constellations from the Babylonian times, and an additional "lunar" zodiac, according to the 27 lunar constellations, also known as ‘Nakshatras’.

The constellations are categorized on the estimated number of days required by the moon Moon to complete a cycle in relation to the stars.

‘Vimshottari dasa’ system is another prominent method used in the Indian astrology .It begins with the Moon's location through the lunar signs. These positions are also used in ‘Muhurta’, an Indian method of choosing the auspicious time to begin something in life.

astrologers India hence has now become the most sought after word coinage in internet, since most of the people strongly believe that Vedic astrology can offers a comprehensive solution to all their queries, as it offers numerous features & options to explore the Science of Indian Astrology.

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RE: The starts tell your future

Post by alexjems41 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:01 am

Those are just random guesses. No one truly know's your future, because everything changes. I hope this has answered your article well,

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