The Monarchy versus Presidency

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RE: The Monarchy versus Presidency

Post by appleton »

Since the monarchy brings in more money to the country than it costs to keep, I think it is worth while.
That's the only thing they are good for. It's worth having them :)
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RE: The Monarchy versus Presidency

Post by ford007 »

Monarchy is always the best... Look at UK and see how Con/Lab/Lib have ruined the nation. UK would have been in much better shape if it was an absolute monarchy... As of US folks... they will change their opinion once Obama starts to show his true colours.
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RE: The Monarchy versus Presidency

Post by DodgeFB »

I for one did not vote for Obama. I know how the democrats operate. I was one for 22 years. All of my mothers family have always be democrats. :sad:
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