Europe. Caucasian emigrants

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Europe. Caucasian emigrants

Post by Andrew777 » Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:25 pm

Today many programs of the North Caucasian nations assistance exist in EU. These programs are mostly supported by the American and European NGOs. According to those programs Caucasians come to EU, live and study here... Many of them even stay here for a long time trying to emigrate officially. A lot of well-known NGOs like German F.Ebert Foundation, American Soros Foundation, Polish Stefan Batory Foundation and many others are providing grants for the development of the North Caucasian nations. At the first glance it looks good, you can even visit their web-sites see photos and videos, read a great number of articles about thei activity. Unfortunately, I had an opportunity to glance at these guys. Do you remember the scandal that took place a few months ago when several Chechen families were deported? Well...I saw those guys. What a outrage! I don’t know who are supported by the NGOs but those arseholes had purely tough mugs. I was overwhelmed of their aggressive behavior and impudence. I’m convinced we don’t need them. Let’em do whatever they want in their homeland, but they can’t be allowed to take root in EU. If Americans want they are welcome to take those apes to the USA! They easily might be terrorists for instance. So, we’ll feed and teach’em meanwhile they’ll blow us up! As for me, I’m not going to lay out my money for those cavemen. Why should we spend money for people who can be dangerous and never be thankful? In sum, you ought to check them out and I guarantee – you’ll understand who they’re at once.

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