Gambling legislation in the EU

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Gambling legislation in the EU

Post by wildrover1971 »

As with so many things EU there isn't a level playing field.

I was shocked when some colleagues from europe told me about the restrictions on betting online in many european countries, where you're forced to use the state gambling operator even when you're online.

Surprise, surprise - they get poorer odds and less winnings for the same bet!

I did a little digging and came across this site, where's there's a petition against this protectionism. You can sign up here:

Does anyone know what the threshold is (if any) for a petition to be considered by the Commission?

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RE: Gambling legislation in the EU

Post by janyropal »

The opinion was communicated in a press statement issued by the European Court of Justice. It noted, as it does with every other opinion, that the AG’s opinion is not binding on the European Courts of Justice. The role of the Advocates General was to propose to the Court, in complete independence, a legal solution to the cases for which they are responsible. Court judges then deliberate on the cases and hand down judgments at a later date.

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