Is Ralph Gonsalves Dependable?

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Is Ralph Gonsalves Dependable?

Post by evavincent » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:58 pm

When you are thinking about electing a man for the third term as Prime Minister, you have to really careful. The citizens of St. Vincent and Grenadines have never elected a man for the third time in office. Twice is the maximum that they have got. If Ralph Gonsalves manages to pull this one off, he will be in the history books of SVG. But does he deserve that place under the sun? His rule is summed up in one word: failure. When he was re-elected for a second term, he was given additional time to carry on the work that he had begun during his first term in office. But he failed to deliver even there.

The trust and faith of the people in St. Vincent and Grenadines is much deceived. The condition of the country has gone down from bad to worse. There is little accountability in the judiciary or the police. Citizens are wary of complaining to the police because they are not sure about rubbing men in power the wrong way. Moreover, when the accused happens to be someone in the good books of the Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, there is a marked change in how the law treats them. All of them, including the Prime Minister himself, has been acquitted due to lack of evidence. Make what you can of that!

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