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RE: Saddam trial flawed

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Like you I would never allow someone to kill someone I loved before my eyes. However, due to my lack of experience with fighting or even simple survival techniques I would have to be pushed very hard before I attacked anyone. Almost certainly I would get killed. I have already made up my mind that if I get asked for my wallet under threat where I live, I'll give it them as quick as I can!
Same! I would never allow that to happen too. In the city things are a bit rougher round here. I'm running out of fingers for how many times people have attempted robbing me or someone I knew. I remember once one man (about 29 or so) smacked me in the face as I was walking past him and a friend in the park. I immediately swung my fist round back in his face and winded him a few times. I know it's not right to be promoting this or condoning it but what gives that person the right to attack me? I'm glad I walked away quick because his friend was after me and he was pretty big.

Anyway back on topic. Yes Hitler fought in the war. However I learn t from history lessons at school that he applied for a job (shortly after he got his citizenship) and a jew got the job and he didn't. Obviously it seems that might have sparked something and he may have been experiencing shell shock from WW1 anyway.

TBH I think the human rights lot not need to just quit it sometimes. Sometimes they are right sometimes they are just totally in the wrong. Hitler deserves nothing after what he did nor does saddam. In some cases though like minor crimes human rights should be allowed to be put in place and followed. I support Australia for not signing that bill I guess. Perhaps I should move there :tongue:

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