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What Saakashvili needs indeed is to be cut down to the size!

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:47 pm
by BooAntres
It is unbelievable... Today president of little shitty Georgia acts and behaves himself like a big /the biggest/ fish in modern policy. Alike he is the US president as minimum! Forgive me my lack of restraint here, but take it as it is. Yes, actually politics is not my forte and may be I’ve lost the thread of modern political tendencies, but you should definitely admit that currently the head of Georgia is not short on permissiveness and not short at all!! Guess, you see it yourselves. And you know, be sure that it is especially that total absence of anyhow proper reaction at openly tyrant oppressions in Georgia on behalf of the world community - particularly on behalf of the same first magistrates, the heads of leading international funds and different kinds of human rights organization, on behalf of authoritative politicians etc – that makes Saakashvili to believe in self-permissiveness and to follow this illusion. As a result we see this tyrant toughening his undemocratic strike on his internal political opponents and increasing pressure on independent mass media activities....