How should Obama respond to North Korea's nuclear test?

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How should Obama respond to N.Korea's test?

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How should Obama respond to North Korea's nuclear test?

Post by Liberal_Scotty »

In case you have yet to hear, North Korea has successfully completed their second nuclear test. China, Russia, and South Korea obviously do not feel this is a good thing and have registerd their own complaints.

How should Barack Obama handle this problem? Will negotiations and the offer of humanitarian help work at all? Are we past the point of negotiations being useful? :icon_eek:

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RE: How should Obama respond to North Korea's nuclear test?

Post by Dirk »

War would obviously only result in the loss of human life. In considerable volume.

I would not recommend an embargo and UN condemnation. This would be double standards. The US has nuclear weapons. The UK has nuclear weapons. France has nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear weapons. China has nuclear weapons. India has nuclear weapons. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Russia has nuclear weapons. If North Korea has nuclear weapons, is this any different? Would it be right to allow such a number of considerably imperialistic and jingoistic nations nukes (looking at US, Israel and UK in particular), and then deny North Korea equal powers.

In addition, North Korea has not broken any UN laws. The nuclear proliferation treaty allows nations nuclear weapons that have provided all the materials and technology themselves. North Korea fulfills these criteria. For the UN to speak against North Korea in this instance would be seen by Kim Jong Il as proof that the world is against him. It would also be unprovoked, and thus, wrong.

A speech telling them they are naughty is completely ridiculous. What are they, schoolchildren? Who are we, their parents? No, America has no right to authority over them. They are an independent nation, and have acted within international law.

Nuclear disarmament is an option. It may seem unrealistic now, particularly with the US and China involved but both these nations have made some progress in this field. China has become more liberal as of late - we wouldn't expect to see a repeat of 1989 today. In America, too, it has been a pleasant surprise to the world that Obama considers nuclear disarmament. However, we have some way to go in this field. NATO has not been disbanded and most countries seem reluctant to consider disarmament. Gordon Brown of the UK claims he supports nuclear disarmament but has implemented an upgrading of the nuclear Trident submarine project. Another politician, another lie. Another silver lining, another cloud. A ray of hope, the darkening clouds of war.
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