Do you support the Keystone XL?

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Do you support the Keystone XL?

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Do you support the Keystone XL?

Post by NewGlobalOrder » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:52 pm

The Yes side, says it will create thousands upon thousands of jobs. The Yes side is made up of Conservatives; those who feel this will be good for the economy, and of course, those who will personally benefit from it.

The No side, says most of the jobs created, will be indirect jobs, and most of the direct jobs created, will only end up being short term. There are also rumors of Alberta's crude oil being exported to Europe and Latin America. Environmentalists and concerned citizens make up this side.

So if you are not already politically predisposed, (Conservative or Environmentalist) how do you know which side is telling the truth? Both sides use spin, and will fudge the numbers in their favour.

Then of course, there's the media. They too, cannot always be trusted to give the facts. So you cannot just read the New York Times being against it, and take their word for it.

I am against the expansion of the Keystone pipeline for these reasons:

1) Alberta's boreal forest and wetlands are home to a diverse range of animals, including lynx, caribou and grizzly bears, and serve as critical breeding grounds for many North American songbirds and waterfowl. Which you can kiss goodbye, if this (most likely) project happens.

2) The existing Keystone pipeline, already has had a leak. The XL pipeline will also cross an active seismic zone. There have also been other pipeline leaks in the U.S., and then there's BP's wonderful Ocean spill. So not only do we have to worry about man-made leaks, but earthquakes as well.

3) Extraction of petroleum from the tar sands creates far more greenhouse emissions than conventional production does.

4) The pipeline would cross part of Nebraska’s Ogallala Aquifer. Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman (R) also opposes this.

5) Corruption. Document filed with Canada's Energy Board appears to cast doubt on claims by Koch Industries that it has no interest in the controversial pipeline. And Emails uncovered by Friends of the Earth, reveal State Department employees in a cozy relationship with Paul Elliot, a leader on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign turned head lobbyist for Keystone XL – offering personal favors, praise, advice, and generally cheerleading the project while it was under review.

6) I do not trust greedy people. Big Oil and their minions in the past, have a proven track record of bull-****.

So taking all that into account, is the reason why I oppose this project. It is now up to President Obama to stop this, but he won't, unless the White House is over-whelmed on November the 6th.
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RE: Do you support the Keystone XL?

Post by shweta.tiwari » Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:35 am

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