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RE: Republican strategy

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I heard a dem say yesterday that Social Security was an entitlement program. I think since he doesn't contribute to SS he doesn't even know what it is. I paid money into SS under penalty of law, I had not choice but to pay. I am not entitled to that money is was mine from the beginning on loan, without interest, to the government who squandered it and now don't want to give it back. I am responsible because I help elect the jerks, pick a party I don't think it makes any difference.

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RE: Republican strategy

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The failure of the bill is a major setback for Obama, because he called it a priority of his for many years. The dream of one party's strategy is to bill, leaving Obama is all harsh deportation measures. Now, his task is to try to temper these actions do not dream bill. To try to drum up support as part of the Government's strategy is to ramp up border and workplace enforcement, in order to attract Republican votes overhaul, but voting results speak for themselves.

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