Congo conflicts

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Congo conflicts

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The conflict in Congo is an absolute shame for the world's peace keeping organizations, since they failed in doing their jobs and once again stood by side while the genocide occurred. The war in Congo by 2008 killed 5.4 million people mostly from disease and starvation. Even though the war was officially over in 2003, people's struggles to survive continue till this day. Deaths caused by malnutrition and disease were easily preventable, and that burden should among others be placed on the shoulders of the UN. Is it possible that the outbreaks of fighting could not be prevented? Should UN and similar organizations be replaced by new ones that will actually respect human rights and act upon their conscience? I've read a book called The Age of Nepotism by Vahid Razavi that talks about these kind of topics and covers many issues of today's societies. I recommend it for everyone to read as well as check out the site

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Congo conflicts

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