Is any party worth a vote?

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Is any party worth a vote?

Post by philbell »

I've been a way a while but think its time to get going again.

This is really a question for the UK but probably counts towards any country, is it worth voting for a particular party?

They all come out with their promises for the next 5 years and then none of them fulfil the promises made. With the coalition in the UK each side of the coalition blames the other for the pledges being made not being put in to practice. The same could be said for the US as well.

What is the point of the Lib/Lab/Cons making promises at the next election? The chances are that they can promise us the earth and we will end up with none of the pledges even reaching the light of day. I don't expect any of them to get an overall majority next time out so they can say what they want, make a deal and then screw us in to the ground again!!

At the end of the day they all have very similar views, all are out to screw us over and all are looking after their own party interests above the people they represent.

I for one will never vote for ANY of the big three again!

Your MP is supposed to convey the view of their local constituency, not be follow the views of some millionaire Etonian that went to Oxbridge as things stand. Why do people act like sheep and assume that they have to make one of 2 or 3 choices? There are other options that can make a difference for you locally, chose them instead of voting in a headless puppet in future!!

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Post by ZoomZFoer »

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