Historical data and year

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Historical data and year

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July 20, 2011
By Mark Chapman, Jr.

Hi everyone, I am Mark Chapman, Jr. and I love writing about some of the things I do in real life. Reading a good book is relaxing and fun. Books about nature and the outdoors are my favorites. Following developments in business is a daily pursuit–reading the local newspaper and U S A today keeps me well informed. Golfing, boating, fishing and power walks keep me relaxed, alert, and physically fit.
My first two books were family genealogy, one for my wife’s family and one for mine. The third book was Bible-based counseling. Counseling became a labor of love for me and I worked ten years as a mental health counselor, and three years as a school counselor. I became interested in counseling while on active duty in the navy. I was a medic or hospital corpsman and was assigned collateral duty to observe patients coming through sick call for abnormal behaviors and refer them to the Chaplain for counseling.
My primary job was medical laboratory director (this was my fifteenth year in the navy) for our field hospital. In my seventh year in the navy, I reported to the USS Randolph–an aircraft carrier and was in charge of the Medical Laboratory. The billet called for one Medical Laboratory technician–and I was allowed one assistant.
Together, we provided laboratory service to “task group
Alpha”– USS Randolph’s antisubmarine warfare group–of two submarines and seven destroyers. We provided a complete hospital with lab, pharmacy, x-ray, optical, and other departments. This (in my 15th year) is when and where I decided to become a counselor or psychologist.
I was about four years away from retirement. Now, after counseling thousands of patients, I feel very satisfied that I have made a difference in their lives. Bible-based counseling was my doctoral dissertation in Christian counseling written in my tenth year of counseling.
My fourth book: The Rise and Greed of Multinational Landlords(also known as the old landlord’s playbook), was written in the summer of 2008 when gas prices peaked to $4.00 a gallon. The first half of the book is autobiographical–about my early days growing up on a farm in eastern North Carolina’s coastal plain(and learning how the old landlords get rich–at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.
The second half of the book is about the alternative fuels America should develop and produce to get our country off foreign oil. The alternative fuels I discuss in the book are: cellulosic ethanol–it does not have to be made from corn as most ethanol is in this country. It can be made from switch grass, corn stalks, saw dust, garbage-which is 90% cellulose, and municipal waste. Other alternative fuels include solar, wind, geothermal, ocean currents, hydrogen, fuel cells, and nuclear power.
Finally, there are four poem books that I co-authored with I. C. E., this is his pen name. You will see it in all four books. I. C. E. enjoys reading and writing poetry. He relaxes and stays physically fit by walking in parks, and alongside rivers and streams. He also works out two or three times a week. During his college years, I. C. E. excelled in English, literature, Biblical studies, and Christian leadership.
Two of the poem books are spiritual and Inspirational: Reflections of My Soul, and Oh how Lovely Christmas Is. The third is a Study guide for Reflections of My Soul poem book. It has 112 questions, 56 multiple choice and 56 essay type. There is at least one scriptural reference for each poem, and an answer key in the back of the study guide for the multiple choice questions. The study guide is a great supplement for sunday school and vacation Bible school.
The fourth poem book: In Honor of God, Country, and Family, is a book of mostly patriotic poems that follows the yearly calendar from January through December. The first poem is for new year’s day. The most unique feature of this book is that each holiday poem is introduced by giving the history behind and reason for each holiday or special day. An example of some of these patriotic poems is one for Memorial day, Independence day, Armistice day, and Veterans day.
There are poems honoring George Washington’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. There are poems for Easter, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Earth day. Poems for Mothers’, Fathers’, and Grand parents’ day. We close the global calendar with poems honoring Labor day, Veterans’ day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. May God Bless America–from the highest Mountain, and from Sea to Shining Sea.
To learn more: Click on the buy books button. First column; paperbacks, second; nook e-books, third; kindle–e-books.
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