For too long, Congress and the Senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy.

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For too long, Congress and the Senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy.

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July 17, 2011.
By Mark Chapman, Jr.
For too long, Congress and the Senate have not done their jobs–by omitting to pass a credible energy policy for America. We need a united states energy policy with guaranteed funding, and help to set up the blender pumps for alternative fuels to be dispersed, and dispensed is key to the success of this program–as well as job growth in the green jobs–bio-fuels sector.

The path to victory in turning this economy around is so clear–that it stands out like a bright sunny day. A renewable energy policy is needed now. The raw material or bio-mass, to develop and produce mixed-alcohol bio-fuel and cellulosic ethanol is already harvested in the form of garbage–which is 90% cellulose, and municipal waste streams. There would be a minimal cost of transport and pickup for the bio-mass–but overall the total cost would be minimal. For too long, congress and the senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy.

Duplicate this strategy across America–from coast to coast–setting up these mixed-alcohol bio-fuel and cellulosic ethanol plants will produce over a million jobs. There would be a spin-off of another million and a half jobs as new bio-fuel support businesses open. Then these new employees will buy homes, purchase furniture and appliances, cars, etc. What is an energy policy?

The 700 billion we spend for foreign oil each year will be the seed money to get these bio-fuel refineries going across this great country. Bio-fuel blender pumps should be set up coast to coast as well. For too long, congress and the senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy. Now is the time for an energy policy for the united states.

We cannot get the job done–doing it in a piece meal fashion. Taking this one big step will get the engine of this economy humming again and reduce unemployment to an acceptable level. For too long, congress and the senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy.
To learn more about alternative fuels: read The Rise and Greed of Multinational Landlords–click the buy books button. First column: paperbacks, second: nook e-books, third: kindle e-books.

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RE: For too long, Congress and the Senate have wandered in the desert without an energy policy.

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These are great(er) ideas. Could you write it up in the form of a bill and submit it to www.aGREATER.US in the energy policy category? We need your leadership for a greater US.

Jon Denn

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